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When selecting roof windows for your residence, keep these things in mind.

Fixed or hinged roof windows

When selecting roof windows for your house, you can choose either in-plane (flush with the roof) or out-of-plane (not flush with the roof) windows.

You must also choose between an opening or fixed roof window. Some designs are fully open, while others are partially open. An opening roof window may provide the most ventilation or roof access if either is important to you.

It’s up to you to decide whether to go for a fixed or open roof window, as well as one with a security feature that only allows part of the window to open. If you’re not sure whether to go for a fixed or open roof window, seek the advice of a professional company.

Bicycle frames can be made of steel, aluminum, or titanium.

PVCu, timber, aluminium, and steel are just a few materials from which roof windows are constructed.

It’s true that some materials are more likely to be used than others in certain situations, and in some cases, installing a certain material or type of roof window may only be permitted.

A contemporary home or barn conversion can be built from metals like steel or aluminium, or from wood and wood. Historically, wood and timber have been favoured for their looks, but maintaining them may be difficult if you must go up on the roof to do so.

PVCu is an excellent alternative to wood if you want a material that looks like wood but is less maintenance. A good compromise is a timber-aluminium blend that appears like wood but requires less maintenance.

Glass options are available.

There are several glazing options available for roof windows, just like with other types of windows. Choosing the right option for your home will depend on many factors, but we’ve listed some important considerations.

Double-glazed roof windows perform at an industry-accepted level, providing light and energy efficiency.

A low-E coating on the double glazing prevents heat from escaping, while also attracting sunlight into the home. A gas is injected between two panes of glass to create a double-glazed window.

An extra pane of glass in triple glazing provides the advantage of extra comfort over double glazing and may help your home stand out if prospective buyers want to see your energy efficiency ratings. Triple glazing uses three panes of glass rather than two.

To avoid overheating in a loft space, roof windows should be avoided as they receive a lot of direct sunlight.

During hot weather, solar control glass takes the sun’s heat and reflects it away, keeping the house cool and comfortable.

Privacy and reduced glare can be achieved with tinted glass, but light reduction may also result.

Homes without easy roof access can benefit from self-cleaning glass, which reacts to sunlight by breaking down dirt and debris to make future cleaning easier.

Fragments are held together if the glass were to break, thanks to laminated safety glass as an option for the inner pane of the glass-sealed unit. This option is always recommended for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

A few extra notes on glazing.

To keep things simple, it’s worth remembering that some roof windows combine multiple features. For example, one roof window might be tinted, tough, and self-cleaning, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to pick between features.

Remember that roof windows are rated under the BFRC energy rating scheme. The window is rated on its energy efficiency from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least.

The lower the U-value, the better the grade, as it indicates how much heat is being lost.

More than just the basics

There are several accessories to consider if you choose a roof window that opens, whether you want child safety locks or a remote or manual opening function.

Some windows may be out of reach or difficult to reach, so remote control options may be a consideration.

Expert advice on roof windows.

Do you want to be able to open your roof windows?

You should decide whether to get a fixed or open roof window. An open window can be partially or fully open, whereas a fixed window cannot be opened at all.

An opening roof window with clever options such as child locking, remote control operation, and weather sensors is another excellent option. Besides providing ventilation, an opening roof window can also offer additional benefits.

Do you have a preferred location for the windows?

The position of the roof window will have a significant effect on how much light flows into the room.

A north-facing roof window provides a less heat-driven, consistent light, while an east-facing window gets the most light and heat at the beginning of the day.

Consider thermal comfort when thinking about south-facing roofs in summer, as well as in winter, as they get the most heat.

Consideration should also be given to the factors that might impede the installation of your windows, such as wiring or structural beams.

What size do you require?

The sizing of your window is crucial, and it will determine things like the room’s temperature, the amount of light in the room, and ventilation levels.

It is not always the case that a larger roof window would provide as much constant light as a smaller one.

Do you plan to use your kayak regularly?

A roof window with roof access can provide a safe and quick way to access your property’s roof, as well as serve as an emergency exit.

Do you think about ventilation?

It is important to consider how ventilation will work with a window, regardless of where it is located. If you choose a fixed window, make sure you have a source of ventilation elsewhere in the room.

Condensation may occur if odours are trapped otherwise.

Be sure to consult with glazing experts.

Regardless of how much research you conduct, seeking an expert glazing professional for advice and a quote based on your property’s specific requirements is valuable.

Their quote will be comprehensive, and their advice should assist you in determining where you can install roof windows and the kinds of windows available to you.

It is advisable to seek quotes from at least three companies so that you can compare them and make an informed choice.

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