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  1. King Build
    King Build has been continuously dedicated to construction excellence and providing the highest standard of customer service. They provide complete house refurbishments, structural alterations, and high-quality bathrooms and kitchens. Their services include all trades ranging from carpentry and building to plastering, painting and decorating.

  2. Central Line Building Ltd
    Central Line Building Ltd specializes in designing one-off projects suited for each individual, taking into account the personal requirements of their clients before starting a project from scratch. Their extensive portfolio ranges from basic loft conversions to large custom-build projects undertaken throughout London that come with the assurance of quality workmanship combined with value for money spent on each job done, no matter how big or small it is.

  3. Imperial Refurbishment & Construction Ltd
    Imperial Refurbishment & Construction Ltd provides clients with end-to-end construction solutions tailored to meet their exact specifications across all areas of property improvement inside or out, including new builds and extensions not just in residential properties but also commercial properties as well as churches or other formal institutions located throughout London areas covered by this company’s team of experienced professional builders at affordable prices too!

  4. ZT Builderz Ltd
    ZT Builderz Ltd offer an unbeatable mix of bespoke design & build services together along with specialized expertise within the furniture trading industry, aiming to achieve the highest customer satisfaction regardless of what type of interior or exterior renovation project customers obtain their help for thanks due to their on-time delivery within budget without cutting any corners while doing so either!

  5. LC MEP Solutions
    LC MEP Solutions take pride in being able to deliver high-quality results whenever tasked with refurbishing offices, or any other types of buildings located anywhere within the Greater London area upon making sure that all important stages are carefully taken care of, starting from obtaining required permissions followed by then dealing with supplying materials up finishing work with electrical installation jobs included even if more complex such as installing robust ventilation systems etc..…

  6. RS Construction UK Ltd
    RS Construction UK Ltd has become well known throughout London region because they handle projects that require special treatment, such as maintaining existing facades made from brickwork to keep them looking fresh, handling roof repairs plus any related wall modification jobs too, along carrying out demolition tasks opting either traditional methods or simply using hydraulic equipment while maintaining safety standards always met during the process!

  7. XMX London Ltd
    XMX London Services offers various commercial and private building services at competitive rates. They are professional, reliable and experienced builders working with top-level builders having years of experience in their respective fields. From office building remodels to loft conversions, they cover all your needs in reconditioning and renovating projects in London.

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