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Home Décor Customization Trends 2022 

As we return to a “normal” life after the pandemic, we have learned a lot about our houses and how to better care for them. Our customers have a more refined vision of their ideal living environments. All of the trends we’re seeing for 2022 have a focus on intentionality, individuality, and innovation. All of these current design tendencies—from the use of calm, attentive places to the use of organic forms and materials—encourage introspection and recognize individuality in some way.

Green and Brown Hues

BROWN is making a comeback after an extended period of decline in popularity. Brown is becoming increasingly popular in bespoke houses, with shades ranging from dark chocolate to camel and caramel. The second half of last year witnessed a rise in GREEN’s popularity, and now that interest has ballooned into a full-blown obsession. Many of the homes we are now developing or have recently completed include lush, dark green accents. Is it just a coincidence that after a few years of pandemic life, we’re enjoying two of the most gorgeous color masterpieces that mother nature has ever made?

Natural Elements

It appears that the current trend of decorating with surfaces and furnishings reminiscent of the natural world will continue for some time. Fabric, upholstery, and wallpaper with animal, floral, and botanical motifs will remain popular this year. Organic materials like wood, stone, or artisan masonry retain their appeal and should be used whenever possible to let in natural light and provide enough ventilation. In architecture and interior design, this idea is known as “biophilic design,” It centres on the idea that humans thrive when they feel a sense of harmony with nature.

Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms

A recently popular trend has caught many homeowners off guard. Some clients have enthusiastically embraced the sensation of having dark and melancholy kitchens and bathrooms, while others have viewed this style with suspicion. Over the past several months, we’ve loved watching a few of our homeowners take creative chances with their kitchens and bathrooms. Together, we can’t wait to experience the atmosphere and drama these rooms will bring to their homes.

Striking Colors and Patterns

The next trend is the opposite of the “dark and sombre kitchen” style that has been so popular recently. Bold colours and patterns are becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners. If you’re not quite ready to plunge into a black kitchen, perhaps embracing bright colours and designs is the proper amount of risk for your kitchen’s decor. Everyone is urged to choose the deep, rich hues they are most drawn to and then overlay those with surprise patterns and accent pieces to create a totally and truly THEM design.

Old School and Sustainable Accents

With the rise of the “grandmillenial” (or granny chic) aesthetic and the emphasis on reuse and sustainability, vintage is having a moment. The era of matching furniture and decor has passed. Instead, we have learned to value the uniqueness of handcrafted touches in our home, such as the finishes, furnishings, fabrics, décor, and artwork. Higher quality, longer lifespan, supporting local artists and small companies, and a more personal connection to the objects around us are just a few of the numerous advantages of this approach.

Different Textures and Patterns

These days, it’s all about layering, which encompasses the trend of combining disparate design elements in a single room. Some homeowners appreciate a subtle, highly curated blend of patterns and textures. In contrast, others embrace the creativity and enjoyment that comes with a more unrestrained mix, with the philosophy that “more is better.”

Curved Entries

Sculptural forms and flowing organic lines have been trending upward for a while now, and 2022 will be no exception. Sloped lines, curved silhouettes, and asymmetrical designs are being explored in tile design, wall coverings, and furniture, which is quite in keeping with the inventiveness and individualism shown in the aforementioned fashions.

Thoughtful Spaces

All of us know how important it is to have a quiet place in our homes where we can relax and refocus regularly. These days, more and more of our homeowners are considering the layout of this kind of room in their houses. Prayer rooms, spa-like restrooms, meditation “Zen chambers,” steam showers, personal saunas, and much more have all been implemented. While interior design and hard finishes may vary from room to room to accommodate varying tastes, the overall goal remains constant: to make the space you’re in one that encourages you to be more present and aware in your day-to-day activities.

You may want to consider incorporating some of these trends as you imagine what your house may become in the future year… It’s also possible that you won’t. That’s the crux of every major design trend of the year. What makes a house a home is the people who live in it, so make it what you’d like it to be. Have fun selecting and organizing!

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