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Construction companies of all sizes can benefit from the best technology.

According to Deloitte’s 2020 engineering and construction industry outlook, “94 percent of engineering and construction executives said that digital technology was important to the future of their companies.”

Today, selecting and implementing the right construction technology solutions is one of the biggest challenges facing construction companies, as far as technology goes.

Construction companies of all sizes must ensure that new technology products work together effectively. Purchasing new technology products is not enough. To find the best construction technology solutions for your business, you must identify them. The following list will offer you with examples of construction technology to get you started.

According to Deloitte’s 2021 engineering and construction industry outlook, “76 percent of engineering and construction executives reported investing in digital technology the previous year.”

What are the components of construction technology?

Construction companies can utilise hardware and software solutions to improve business processes, increase productivity, and save time and money, to save time and money.

Construction can be divided into three types.

Software and equipment are the two key areas of construction technology. Everything else, including CAD systems, sales and project management software, is part of the software category. Machines, tools, and other equipment are operated using hardware.

We’ll look at construction software technologies to help you navigate these solutions and select the best ones for your corporation.

A technology solution can be split into two types:

The table below illustrates how each building technology is split into several software categories.

The business side of construction technology.

Sales, estimating, and bidding processes can all be improved through construction technology tools for the business side. Accounting and resource planning are two examples.

Software for calculating takeoffs and landings is what I want.

Every construction project requires detailed cost estimates, schedules, and construction plans. Using iDeal Construction CRM, for example, is a simple estimating module that expedites the process. However, some solutions, such as these, provide extremely detailed line-by-line material and labour costs. Cost summary templates, formulas, calculations, and regional part/material cost databases are some of these tools.

Takeoff and estimating software are the subjects of an excellent article by Construction Coverage. Here are some examples.

Look at the advantages and disadvantages of construction coverage in this review!

Sales CRM is a Construction Sales Management Software (Sales CRM).

Construction businesses must master customer relationship management (CRM) in order to grow, from managing relationships with prospective to current customers to converting sales opportunities into sales. Sales management tools are available for many of them. They usually automate proposal and follow-up processes while storing client and contact information. iDeal Construction CRM, for example, is one of the many others that provide marketing and sales assistance as well as many others. A sales calendar and reporting metrics are common in most of them. Among the most admired CRM firms for construction are:

CRM marketing software is used to improve customer relationships.

Marketing CRM and sales management software are frequently mistaken for one another, but they are in fact quite distinctive. Sales CRM addresses the top of the funnel. It generates leads via email campaigns, social media or website visits then filters them down. Sales pipelines are used after the leads are pruned down. According to this list, some of the most popular marketing CRM technology solutions in 2022 are:

Auction platforms are used to bid on an item.

Construction bidding is a complicated procedure. Construction companies obtain jobs to bid on from online bidding websites. So, choosing the right online platform for your construction jobs is critical. Here is an easy one: Check out some of the finest bidding platforms on our blog. Some of the greatest bidding platforms are:

Accounting suite software is what I need.

Construction firms need accounting software that tracks job-specific expenses and revenues, manages payroll, and handles billing and procurement in addition to accounting basics. Accounting software such as Quickbooks is said to be insufficient at accounting for construction projects’ complex and nuanced nature. In addition to accounting and project management, ERP software might not offer construction-specific functionalities. To get a 360-degree perspective on all the issues, Michael Stromberg of Construction Coverage has written this in-depth article and included six recommendations. These are some of the accounting software solutions highly recommended in the article: Best Overall, Runner Up, and Best for Accounting & Project Management.

Planning for resources

What is construction resource planning technology? How does project management differ from resource planning? Project management records time, tasks, and resources associated with a specific project. Resource management, in contrast, tracks every resource in the company, particularly employees, their skills, and their time. Resource management software helps to plan, schedule, and allocate people, money, and technology to initiatives.

Check out Get App for more construction resource planning recommendations.

Building technology for construction execution

Design, construction, project management, compliance, and documentation are all supported by technology solutions on the construction execution side. The foundation for execution software is provided by business software.

The field of managing construction projects is known as Construction Management Technology.

It is all fun and games to make light of scope expansion, but for a construction undertaking to be profitable, it must be finished on time, on budget, and with the proper content. Project management software like these, which may be found on Software Advice, can help you accomplish this:

The Construction Coverage blog has a comprehensive article listing construction project management best practices.

A construction BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is being developed.

It’s not for everyone in the building industry, but still worth exploring some high-level construction technology solutions!

Building information modelling involves creating and managing digital representations of locations’ physical and functional characteristics.

BIM is a cutting-edge technology used by architects, engineers, and construction contractors. Throughout its lifetime, BIM creates and manages information on a construction project.

The best examples of BIM technology in construction are:

Here is a fresh piece on BIM technology from Ben Aston of Project Manager News, one of the leading BIM software providers.

Construction technology design and modelling.

A BIM software suite may include design and model-building information management (BIM) tools. Using a 3D model, you can better communicate and visualise complex site conditions, structural connections, and building systems. Design and modelling software can include 3D and architectural CAD tools and drawing tools for construction plans. For example, ArchiCAD is architectural software technology that includes a complete toolset for 3D and 2D drafting, visualisation, and building modelling. Other design and modelling software includes:

The process of managing documents.

There’s a lot to cover regarding document management technology for the construction industry. CrewTracks records dispatching and scheduling information, injury reports, job photographs and notes, and time sheets, as well as payroll and job and equipment and material cost and purchasing. Some platforms, such as Quickbase, even include compliance and accounting functions. Some, like Procore’s document management platform, even have revision control and archiving capabilities.

More than 50 customers have ranked Document360 and greytHR highly on Software Suggest, but you can see the entire list here. Google Doc is ranked third, which is fascinating! Capterra lists Autodesk Construction Cloud as a document repository for construction documents, drawings, and 3D models.

A technology for visualising construction progress is being developed.

Keeping track of construction projects in real-time is very important to:

Despite this, many construction companies still rely on manual processes to support this crucial process. 

The Autodesk blog has a great game plan for real-time tracking. Here are some construction-specific management technologies vying for market share:

Technology for the management of construction equipment and fleets is what is being developed.

Large companies or firms with expensive assets must have equipment and fleet management construction technology. With this technology, you can track your field assets, receive maintenance and driving alerts, and report on your fleet, field, and shop.

Technical abilities to handle field issues.

A decision has been reached.

Sure, some construction technology solutions can be applied to a wider range of fields than advertising, bidding, or accounting. However, our article may help you connect the dots and choose the most suitable technology for you in all areas.

I hope you have more leads, clients, and jobs in the future!


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